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The aim of the website Mineral Water Cadastre of Seklerland is to present up-to-date information about the natural mineral water springs, to give you their exact location and usage.

Mineral waters can be considered the main underground resource of Seklerland. Their mapping and characterization starts in the 18th century. In the second half period of the 19th century the health resorts get more attention so the best known Transylvanian and Sekler traditional spas are included in the comprehensive materials published in the former Hungary.

The first cadastral-like material is published in 1887 and collects the saline mineral waters of Hungary. Because of the great number of mineral water springs that can be found in Seklerland, Bányai János (1934) suggests a detailed, cadastral-like mapping of them. Unfortunately this work couldn’t be finished at that time. From hydrogeological point of view important contributions were made by Artemiu Pricăjan and Ștefan Airinei in the 1970-80’s. Based on the results of longtime studies it was published in 2009 a comprehensive material of mineral waters from Seklerland by Janosi Csaba and his co-workers.