About (EN)

The Mineral Water Cadastre working group was founded in the autumn of 2005 and belongs to the Cholnoky Jenő Geographical Society. For 11 years our team tries to get to know better the natural mineral water resources from Seklerland and Transylvania and to show them to the a public interested in the beauties of nature.

The Mineral Water Cadastre is a continuously extendable data base that presents the natural mineral water springs of a given area, provides data regarding some physical-chemical parameters of the waters, their environment, location and usage.

Permanent colleagues: Pál Zoltán, Szász Árpád, Kis Boglárka Mercedesz, Czellecz Boglárka

The Mineral Water Cadastre working group in 2017

Photo: Naskalat Mountain, November, 2016

Members (from left to right): Gombos László, Czellecz Boglárka, Gábor Ibolya, Ravasz Levente, Szopos Noémi, Șchiopu George

The Mineral Water Cadastre working group in the period of 2008-2013
Photo: Bodvaj, November 2011

Members (from left to right): Czellecz Boglárka, Kis Boglárka Mercedesz, Andorkó Imola, Benkő Csaba, Boér Ágnes, Szász Árpád, Sütő Szabolcs, Szász Béla, Bán Barna








The Mineral Water Cadastre founding group
Photo: Cucului Mountain, September 2006

Members (from left to right): Pál Zoltán, Kis Boglárka Mercedesz, Szász Árpád, Czellecz Boglárka, Nagy Ákos